Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Written during flight to Rarotonga

Hi all! I suspect I've now attracted a few friends to visit the blog.

So... I got on my first ever solo flight overseas.

By some interesting work of nature, we had 200+kph of direct tailwind and was flying something like 700+mph (~1100kph!!!) groundspeed. According to the captain, it's most unusual and meant that we were travelling much faster than usual 500(ish)mph. So I got more than what I had bargained for and got extra 30 mins to spend on Rarotonga (well, according to arrival time predictions onboard).

And it seems rather ridiculous and amazing that while I'm here having my Thai green salad for lunch, it's 11277m above sea level and -50 degrees outside this doesn't-look-anything-special window.

I made a smart move of choosing the seat right by the wings and got bugger all view out the window but hey, I got some good peeks through the neighbour's!

We crossed the date line on the way and now it's going to mess with my biological clock. Thank goodness it's 22hr difference (so technically only 2hrs out)!

When I was boarding, it was evident I had chosen the name of my blog well. Sure, it's a little bit of plagiarism off 'An Angel at My Table' and Raybon Kan's 'An Asian at My Table' but I was seriously the only Asian on the flight.

The fact that I'm flying out of the country hasn't sunk in as I type this into my phone in-flight. I suspect it will start sinking in when I get smashed on the head by a falling coconut. I hear coconut injuries are a class of their own in the Pacific Islands!

I have no idea what I'll be doing for the next day and a half on Raro except that my tshirts and shorts will get to see some light at last. Thhnks to international date line, it's going to be Sunday afternoon when I arrive even though I left.Monday morning! Which also means that hardly anything will be open today. I suspect I'll have to live off either a fallen coconut or my emergency soup sachets until I find somewhere suitable to eat.

Anyway, will update how things go later. Might need to get phone sim card first to call home.

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