Tuesday, 21 August 2012


I keep sending my close friends and family super super long emails I keep running out of time to update this blog!

Have plenty already to tell but maybe when I have more photos, I will write up about one place at a time. And I still need more photos of the hospital to give anyone a proper tour!

All in all, things are going okay. I was up stitching someone's head half-asleep at 2am on Saturday night. We lost a patient yesterday which was very sad. I am going to have to get used to it, because here especially, we haven't got a lot of resources to deal with really sick patients :(

Will update more later. Getting late here and if I don't sleep now, I'll be even grumpier in the morning, because I'm going to get woken up early by that blasted mosquito spray truck at 6am (they are coming around the hospital for 3 days!!!). I will be needing my coffee that I bought today!

Ka kite.

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