Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Tamanu Beach Island Night

Hi everyone!

Something to share that's worth reading - about time! I have a list of things I want to write about, but I keep writing these massive emails to people (about the length of a book chapter!) that I get lazy with the blog! But I will get there eventually and hopefully have reviews of most places in Aitutaki.

I thought I might share what Ben and I got to go see last Thursday night.

Here, every weekday, each resort/restaurant take turns in doing what is called an "Island Night." Usually a decent meal (often buffet / three course) followed by a local performance. They can be quite expensive usually between $60-85 NZ dollars. Tamanu Beach Hotel covers Thursday nights, and are famous for their fire dance show.

Luckily, we could go and watch the show for free (without the meal). Some people have said, we could go in and watch for free if we bought a drink, but they didn't seem to care when we asked! But we bought a drink each anyway :P The show itself starts around 8.30pm right by their restaurant on the white Aitutaki sand.

So this is the fire dance show. They switch in and out between traditional dances and fire dances. It's really cool to watch. I was too busy taking videos of them, I didn't see it properly. I will have to go again and watch for round 2! Mind you, there isn't much else to do on the island at night and I will shortly run out of new things to try! But it is definitely worth seeing it.

Some female dancers... Lots of hip shaking. Lol.

And guys seem to shake their legs here. Haha.

I can't obviously comment on the food, but it looked pretty nice. It was a buffet and with desserts included (because we saw the desserts get dished out as we arrived!). If I do get to go later (maybe after I get paid...), I will do a food review!

Got lots of videos of the night, but not many photos. I will post videos later if I can, because if I tried to do it now, it will be Christmas before it finishes uploading!!!

Hopefully this keeps you busy reading in the meantime! I'm off to another Island Night tomorrow - one of the more budget ones at Paradise Cove for $25 (yes with food!). Will let you all know what it's like later.

Ka kite.

PS - You need to book in for these Island Nights if you want to pay and go for the meals! They can book out fast!

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