Thursday, 6 September 2012

Aitutaki Lagoon Tour Photos!

Okay, so I went on the lagoon tour last Sunday with Aitutaki Adventures. There are a few companies that run it, but we chose this particular one because they gave us discounts for working at the hospital ($50). Most places now charge between $85 - $99 for the trip.

The locals call it the "Yellow Boat" - Aitutaki Adventures Cruise Ship
I've got oodles of photos to show from the trip. Aitutaki Adventures tour does not have its main focus on snorkelling. They do take you to a couple of snorkelling spots, but I hear TeKing is the one to go if you want more snorkelling.

Aitutaki Adventures takes you to 3 smaller islands (the motu) in Aitutaki lagoon - Honeymoon Island, 'Survivor Island' (because they filmed Survivor there) and One Foot Island.

We were lucky to see a sea turtle on the way to Honeymoon Island. We had to cross the deepest parts of the lagoon (from memory around 13m deep) and apparently the sea turtle like these spots. We saw one bobbing away in the distance but it quickly went underwater as it heard

Just at the edge of Honeymoon Island
Sprouting young coconut on Honeymoon Island. When husked, they call it 'uto' and it's all green/white and spongy.
Me at Honeymoon Island... without a hubby lol.
Attempting to climb a coconut palm. I sucked at it.
Wet & Wild boys at Honeymoon Island for kite surfing.
'Survivor' Island where they filmed the US Survivor series.
Puna (our captain for the day) with coconut! These are surprisingly hard/firm and addictive snacks. Need to get myself a machete...
Nice photo, except the horizon isn't level. Nothing worse than a crooked photo... To photoshop later...
One Foot Island (or Tapuaetai). Goegeous beach and better swimming spot than Ootu Beach.
So the leaders obviously stopped by at One Foot Island during their forum and planted a few trees before leaving.
Yummy yummy lunch! Top left, the thing that looks like pineapple slice is actually a breadfruit chip. I'm in love with it!

This is Puna who runs Aitutaki Adventures. He was our Captain for the day.
Get your passport stamped at the world's smallest post office on One Foot Island.
I can't move this photo up... anyway me at Survivor Island. I suspect this campfire spot is a remnant of the series.
Ka kite.


  1. oh so you didnt do the snorkeling? you so should do it before you leave! or a supervised dive! i patted a 100 year old tortoise in singapore btw lol and fed it illegally lol

  2. Replies
    1. Oh haha Omeed. That is so like you. I did do some snorkelling and will get more done whilst I'm here. It was a very windy day on Sunday so I avoided going out into the choppy waters.

  3. Euna~~ I'm reading all your emails now XD yes it'd be better if you could email to my studentmail (I'll email you) coz I don't open yahoo very often! Beautiful photos!!

  4. ...btw I'm Semi. It says I'm 'Mi'..