Thursday, 16 August 2012

First night on Rarotonga was actually cold

So... this post was written on my phone, then it wouldn't let me publish. Will upload it when it lets me with a bit of Wi-Fi.

Some photos that I managed to upload with a lot of patience...

Yes, there are nice beaches!

Me trying to pose for the camera, except I look exactly the same in all the photos that I've taken myself!

Just casually walking down the road... There are coconuts on the ground (and in the air) left, right and centre! And no one claims them... really.

There are not only coconuts, but also free-range chooks everywhere. I'm not even sure if they belong to someone. They just roam free everywhere.

This is at Rarotonga Backpackers. I called this the "Beam of Jandals" - just something visitors had left behind over the years. Adds quite a character to the place. We used to have lunch and dinners under one of these.

The beach right in front of the Backpackers. There are actually more nicer beaches in Rarotonga than Aitutaki. It turns out Aitutaki has less "swimmable" beaches and has more rocks. But once you are out by the airport end, nothing really beats the beaches there. I haven't been there yet, but looking forward to!

So temporarily, long story short, Raro was great. Papayas are big. Most necessities are there. Raro Backpackers has amazing people. Oh and the beaches are nice. Lol.

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  1. Haha the chickens are so cute! Wonder if people just randomly decide to take one for dinner from time to time...